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    1. Introducing 30 day return policy and contact-less delivery from DHL. Read about our response to COVID-19.
      Now 30 day return policy & contact-less delivery from DHL. Our response to COVID-19.

      Hey everybody,

      It is our wish to let you know that we are thinking of you in these challenging times. You, we at ARMEDANGELS, and all of us together must act as one. It is up to each and every one of us to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Everything we do is important. Even what we don't do.

      Many of you have asked how we will continue:

      Our answers in short

      • You can still order 24/7 in the online shop.

      • Of course, we are there for you as usual in our online shop and will answer your questions as soon as possible via our live chat, e-mail or telephone.

      • The delivery times remain unchanged. Our partners and we will of course do our best to process your orders in a timely manner. You can find detailed information for your region here.

      • We have extended our return period to 30 days after receipt of order. We are constantly adapting this period to the current circumstances. If you cannot meet the deadline, just let our Customer Happiness Team know.

      • Parcel delivery in Germany and Austria is contactless due to the current situation. This means that the postman no longer needs your signature for delivery. Instead of you, the deliverers document the successful delivery with their signature. You can still select a different storage location, such as your patio or a packing station, in the shipment tracking system.

      • Delivery in other countries depends on the deliverer and may differ from the procedure in Germany and Austria. In your shipping confirmation you will find a link to the respective supplier - here you will also be informed about important adjustments.

      What happens with your online shop?

      • We will continue to offer new products online and keep you informed as usual via our newsletter or in the shop. We hope to give you a feeling of normality that way.

      What about your production?

      • As always, we are in close contact with our suppliers and our producers. So far, there are no restrictions on our production. Of course, we always adapt it to the current conditions in consultation with our partners. The most important thing is the safety of the employees.

      How we define partnerships

      • Simply put, sustainable products start with sustainable supplier relations. And sustainable supplier relationships are always built on mutual respect and trust – also in times of crisis. Our experience has shown that establishing fair working conditions leads to improved workflow, productivity and higher quality as sick days, accidents and turnaround of workers are decreased, among others. Hence, factories can decrease costs and increase output. Expanding liaisons, getting partners on board and excited for the way we do business is essential for a successful business relationship.

      What is happening now?

      • Over the past days we have thought about the weeks and months ahead of us. Currently we have low season in production. That means no stitches are being sewn right now for our production. But there are great uncertainties on the supplier side because many orders are currently being cancelled around the globe. This is the way of the industry: the economic problem is shifted along the value chain. But that is not our way. In other scenarios in the industry, some factories also had to close due to a lack of raw materials from China, so garment workers are no longer paid. We also think that brands must now take responsibility so that the garment workers do not have to bear the financial burden of this crisis. We must not allow this to happen.

        • It is easy to paint a doomsday scenario and, as a consequence, shut down and cancel all commitments, we as a company have made. That would be the usual way of business and that is what we learned is happing right now, with first manufacturers announcing that they have to shut down for the next weeks as a consequence.

      We will not cancel our orders

      • Will we do this as well? Cancel orders? That would be an act of fear. And fear makes you hopeless and leaves you paralyzed. We have the faith in us and our partners that we will overcome the next weeks and months. We have the believe that there is a future for us and it is worth fighting for. We know that it will be a different future, but a future that we can shape together for the better. So we have decided to NOT cancel our orders with you. We stay committed and we won’t give up. Only together we can master this crisis. The picture might be a different one in a couple of weeks. Nobody knows yet. But let′s fight together.

      What about the retailer who sells ARMEDANGELS clothing?

      • We certainly won’t forget about the small shops and boutiques that have worked with us to create awareness for sustainable fashion. Right now, we all need to stick together and stay in touch - that's exactly what we will do. As there is currently no official regulation for our retailers, they decide individually whether to stay open. If there are any changes in this regard, we will let you know.

      How do we work at ARMEDANGELS?

      • Almost all teams currently work from home. We stay in close communication by video chat and try to make the best of the situation.

        • Not everyone is lucky enough to work from home. We want to take this opportunity to thank our logistics partner and all the parcel deliverers out there. You are our real heroes, because without you we would not be able to continue as usual!

      Stay in Touch

      • We realized one thing: Especially during these difficult times we want to stay in close contact with you - our community - and find creative ways to connect even better. In the meantime, you are welcome to follow us on Instagram and share your thoughts with us.

      We are always happy to receive your feedback!

      • Especially in such times we need you to tell us what we can do to improve. What are you particularly interest in right now?

      If something changes in the current situation, we will let you know as soon as possible.