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    1. Mid-Season Sale started. Shop now Women & Men I 30 days return policy
      Mid-Season Sale started. Shop Women & Men I 30 days return policy

      Better Blues

      Whether in your free time or at work: With our polo shirts and long sleeves in Belgian Blue you are well dressed for every occasion. Your blueprint for comfortable looks, eco and fair for all made of 100% organic cotton.

      MenSpring 20

      Photography by
      Kimberly Ihre

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      Kimberly Ihre

      Kimberly Ihre works as a visual artist and art director in Berlin and Stockholm, where she studied visual communication at the renowned Beckmans College of Design. In her photography, women hold a special place. She questions what it means to be a "strong woman." For the photographer, strength and vulnerability are not contradictory but form a synthesis. Another focus of her work lies in fashion photography. Here she works for independent titles such as Indie and Metal Magazine.

      For ARMEDANGELS, Kimberly has shot the current Spring Collection.