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    1. Heavy metals:
      cancer, infertility and damage to the central nervous system.

      In theory, heavy metals are harmless. Lead, mercury or cadmium are a natural part of our environment. Yet, to paraphrase Paracelsus, the dose makes the poison.

      Heavy metals don’t decompose. Beyond a certain threshold, they can cause life-threatening conditions including cancer, infertility, or damage to the central nervous system. Yet they still pop up in conventional denim production. A Greenpeace investigation revealed that 17 of 21 tested water samples had alarming results. According to the German Federal Environment Agency, heavy metal emissions and additives have been heavily monitored and restricted since 1990. Yet despite their prohibition close to home, they are still a staple ingredient of many textile chemicals used in low-income countries and end up in our shops via jeans, despite strict controls. An estimated 95% of the goods we buy are made abroad and Far-Eastern indigo blue contains dangerous chemicals laced with heavy metals like chromium to ensure they are water soluble for the dyeing process. And since dyes are expensive, producers scrimp on color fixation: Here, chromium ensures that cheap dyes stay colorfast.


      At the same time, chromium compounds also encourage cell mutations and cancer. Normally, our natural skin barrier should protect us, but when we start to sweat, chemicals can move from textiles to the bloodstream via our connective tissue—and further into organ cells, as a pajama test revealed. After just one night, researchers detected toxic residue in people’s urine. While we still don’t know just how badly chromium-treated jeans damage our health, we do know what the textile industry’s polluted effluents do to the environment. A look at the landscapes near India’s Yamuna River or China’s Pearl River Delta—the world’s key denim production regions—underscores how heavy metals kill life. These areas look as forbidding and unreal as alien planets, light years away.


      “We uses a type of artificial indigo with the safest certificate available (gold level material health certificate). “


      Heavy metals? Are taboo. What’s more, the artificial indigo doesn‘t contain any toxic additives like dangerous solvents and remains especially colorfast thanks to its high color fixation rate. The yarn dyeing process also goes easy on one of our most precious resources — water — and we require our producers to test all formulations for cross contamination. After all, even when a chemical on its own is harmless, it might trigger damaging reactions when combined with other ingredients, causing further harmful substances to be released.


      Instead, our DetoxDenim production guarantees:
      0% heavy metals. 100% good for the environment. 100% kind to your skin.

      Heavy metals: Not with us.
      Because denim gets under the skin.