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      10% off on Autumn Basics Women & Men until Sunday I Use code BASIC10

      The next-level denim fiber.


      Sure, denim is commonly made of cotton. In our case, organic cotton, of course. But with certain denim styles merely cotton just doesn’t do the trick. Our new skinny denims, for example, stretch a little for the perfect fit. Most fashion labels use non-renewable, oil-based fibers like elastan to achieve this effect. The problem? These fibers are both bad for our environment and our climate. Therefore, we are constantly looking for alternatives. Luckily, there is another great solution: TENCEL? Lyocell.

      What is Lyocell?

      Lyocell is a plant-based, artificially produced fiber, attained through chemically treating cellulose with an organic solvent. With common lyocell, however, the manufacturing process does not only require lots of energy and water. The wood is often of unknown origin, many times even from threatened tropical forests.

      What makes TENCEL? Lyocell special?

      The difference with TENCEL? Lyocell? For one, the wood pulp exclusively comes from FSC or PEFC certified forestry. And secondly, it is treated with a non-toxic organic solvent in a closed-loop manufacturing process saving energy and water.

      Perfect for denim: Here are just a few of the material’s outstanding properties when it comes to functionality, hygiene and durability.


      A fiber full of responsibility: Made by our partner Lenzing in Austria, TENCEL? Lyocell is manufactured with the utmost respect for nature and our climate.

      100 % bio-degradable
      Experts call it a regenerated fiber from wood pulp that is completely bio-degradable.

      Wood from sustainable forestry
      Only FSC and PEFC certified wood from renewable and sustainable forestry is used for the production.

      No pollution
      All chemicals and most of the water are fully recycled in the production process. The consequence? No pollution.

      60 % less CO2 emissions
      Compared to conventional lyocell, our fiber does not only consume considerably less water and energy. It also produces 60 % less CO2 emissions.


      ARMEDANGLES is about way more than just sustainable fibers, of course. In fact, we constantly work on making our entire value chain as eco and fair as possible.

      Our new denim fabric manufacturer
      For the fabrics including TENCEL? Lyocell, we now work with a new denim fabric manufacturer: ISKO, the leading innovator in sustainable denim production.

      A pioneer in eco-friendly processes
      As a pioneer of responsible innovation and technology, ISKO does not only abstain from using any harmful substances. They have also obtained life-cycle assessments for each of their products and established an environmental management system certified to international standards like GOTS or the EU Ecolabel.


      Which of our denim styles include TENCEL? Lyocell?


      And here they are, our new skinny denims, in the styles of Ingaa and Tillaa. They are made of 70 % organic cotton, 24 % TENCEL? Lyocell, 5 % recycled polyester and 1 % elastane.