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    1. Mid-Season Sale is on. Shop now Women & Men
      Mid-Season Sale is on. Shop now Women & Men

      Squeaky clean:
      updating a timeless classic.


      Image and interview: Sara Maier, Product Manager Denim


      Your personal plea for denim?

      Denim is and stays simply cool. I mean everybody owns a favourite pair of jeans. The perfect fit for any occasion, from a laid-back picnic to a wild party night... and guaranteed to flatter your bum! At the same time, denim is really versatile. From clean, unwashed styles to super-faded chic; just the right shade of blue for any mood. Denim stays with us through thick and thin. But it's also a 'dirty' product. The iconic look requires tons of chemicals, i.e. plenty of pollution during production. That's something ARMEDANGELS wants to change. And something I want to change!

      "In terms of washes,
      we have eliminated all potentially hazardous chemicals."


      You have totally changed the denim fit. How exactly?

      We have whipped our jeans into shape, with plenty of attention to detail. Just how large should the pockets be? What’s the most comfortable angle? How long are our mom jeans? Or: When does skinny simply mean too tight? All of these questions involved rethinking the right fabric. But whatever the style: What’s most important is an authentic look. This season, we have some exciting news for you. In terms of washes, we have eliminated all potentially hazardous chemicals – yes, there is another way! On top of that we use elastane in our skinny to enhance stretchiness. I’m already right in the middle of future collections where we also have people designing brand new fabric variants. And there’s great news on the washes: The results keep getting better! So, stay tuned ...


      Sticking denim in the freezer – ingenious hack or crackpot idea?

      Why not, if there’s space between the spinach and pizza? Freezing kills bacteria and odours. And it helps to keep the denim’s colour for longer. So, feel free to put it in a bag to stop it from sticking to the freezer and then leave it in there for two days. It makes the jeans pleasant-to-wear and adds to your environmental karma since it means using less water and detergent.